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Stomach Pains January 9, 2012

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As I’ve written before, The Buster is our homebody.  He loves going to play over at Cousins’ house, and he gets as excited for travel as all of the rest of us, but after a few days away from home he’s ready to be back in our safe haven.

Apparently, sometimes the timeline can be even briefer.

We had a busy weekend.   On Saturday we had XFit for the whole family in the morning, a grocery store trip, church in the afternoon, then dinner with friends at their house.  On Sunday, Buster and I headed to church for his first OWL class, then I had an auction meeting between services while he entertained himself admirably.  So, church for an hour, then 1 1/2 hours waiting while I talked with other auction leaders.  Then, home for the rest of the day.

That night, as everyone was getting ready for bed, he began to complain of a headache and upset stomach.  Concerned, I asked what he thought was going on? Was he hungry, did he need to go potty, did he need a drink?  Why was he having pains?

“It’s because I wasn’t home enough today!” He wailed.


Things To Be Grateful For…

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I never want to forget the relaxation and peace that comes from the children now being old enough to play independently with each other and their friends.  We went to dinner at friends’ house after church on Saturday night.

We walked in the door, and the children disappeared.  We saw random children throughout the evening as they needed food, and then we saw them as their games of indoor tag got a little too energetic, but other than that, we adults sat down to our dinner, ate our dinner; at a table, with real plates, glasses, and silverware; chatted after our dinner was over, and we were chatting about life, visions, and plans beyond just our children; had time to digest enough to decide that, “why, yes, thank you, a piece of chocolate for dessert would be perfect,” and then it was time to close out the evening.

It was relaxing, cozy, comfortable, and enriching on so many levels.  This couple stretches our minds and our hearts, which gives me such a feeling of love.

So, thanks kids, and thanks adults.  Time well spent.


So grateful… January 6, 2012

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This isn’t exactly the place to put this, but since only people I love and trust read my blog, it’s okay.  I just don’t want this moment to be lost to time.

Buds and I completed this WOD this morning:

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

  • 10 calories on rower
  • 25 double unders

As we always do, we spent the 30 minutes before Buds left for work talking about the workout, who we worked out with, funny things people said or did, what we felt good or deflated about.  It’s our couple’s therapy for the morning.

Then, as I walked Buds to the door, I said, “Dropping another 10 pounds will make DU’s that much easier.”  He turned to me and said, with a catch in his throat, and a shimmer in his eyes, “I’m so proud of you.  So proud after all these years of struggling with food, and you’ve kicked its ass.”

I’m not doing any sort of justice to what he said because he was much more eloquent, kind, sincere, and just so…full of love.  Despite the amazing wonder of our relationship, the path to healthy eating often has felt like a lonely one, and today was the first day I fully understood that he felt my anxiety and fear and sorrow and despair through all those years.  It was a burden he carried alone, too.

Thank you, Buds, for noticing how hard I’ve fought, how far I’ve come, and how much it means that you were there with me every step of the way.


Young Buddie was so cool… January 1, 2012

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I’ve always been so grateful that Buds and I met at the exact right moment.  Both in a new city.  Both with friends, but still open to finding that perfect someone.  Him 1 1/2 years out of a serious relationship, so ready to move on.  Me, spending intensive amounts of time with a man I would have married, but it would have been not good.  We make much better best friends now.

I’ve also been grateful that we didn’t meet sooner.  If we would have gone to college together, for example, I would have been totally in love with him, and it just would not have worked.  When we met, I was at my sassiest and fittest, and the quiet, introverted, but incredibly quick-witted and sensuous Buds was ready for someone with a flash of fire.

Anyway, I digress.  The Little Mother brought lots of “memory” items she cleaned out of their house.  They were pretty musty, so Buds and I agreed they would not be staying, but I want our children to know about these parts of their father’s history.  Plus, he is just so dang cute…still is…

A random cartoon Buds had in his room.

Yes, he graduated from high school. Won't be wearing this hat again, though.

Can you tell which one is Buds? Peter Herbsman is on his right.


Christmas 2011

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Christmas this year brought many new opportunities.

For the first time ever, not only were the children part of the Christmas decorating, they actually were the tree decorators.  I strung the lights, and then they did all of the rest.  The tree looked beautiful, and we were all so proud of them.

This year brought several Christmas celebrations.

We started celebrating with cousins before our crew left for Vermont:

The Brothers discuss TJ's Joe Joe's.

Buster reads up on his new toy.

The new stable was a huge hit.

The boys love playing together.

More stable play.

Even Buds wanted in on the beyblades action. The boys kicked his keister.

Monkey loved playing with the littlest cousin.

A Monkey in a bag.

Our second Christmas celebration came at CrossFit on Friday night.  Good food, good friends, and kids running around, chasing and laughing.  Monkey sat at a table and read the new book she’d gotten from Uncle Z and Aunt A.  The Buster expected the party to be like XFit Kids, so he had trouble realizing no one was going to organize a game for him.  After the pinata and his huge stash of kit kats, he declared the party second only to Halloween.

Yessa stood in line to do the pinata, but then the pushy and noise were too much, so she sat on my lap and we cheered from the side.  She was able to share in the ample candy, so everyone was happy.

Getting ready for the whacking.


Lined up by age, ready to whack it!

Then, on Saturday night, we planned to go to the 4:30 Christmas Eve Service at church, but Chip had a small seizure about 3:45, and we didn’t want to leave him, so we decided to have a lovely, relaxed night at home.  Because Buds and the children were leaving for Vermont at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning, Santa called to ask if he could make our house a practice house on Christmas Eve.  The children loved that idea, so after dinner, we all locked ourselves in our bedrooms, and Santa rang the front doorbell as our signal to come downstairs after he left the presents.

Eating the "fancy" boxed mac-n-cheese dinner the crew requested for Eve Dinner. The box mix is novel for them.

The note the children left for Santa. Buster signed on the back.


The tree after Santa was here.

New backpack from Grandma Iowa.

Books, books, books, for the bookworm.

Matching outfits for doll and girl.

We spent the rest of the night packing up the van, playing with the new gifts, and bouncing on the trampoline Santa brought.  Then, bed so we could arise at 5:30 for the crew to hit the road.

A beautiful, peaceful Christmas.


Clothes Horses

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While the crew was away, I sorted through all their clothes, swapping out warmer clothes due to the season, but also returning clothes we’ve borrowed from Aunt A, donating clothes that no longer fit, storing clothes for the memory boxes, etc.

But, there were lots of clothes that we don’t really have space to keep, but they have such a strong memories for me, I didn’t want to just pass them along and have them be forgotten to time.  So, I took pictures of the special items so I can show them to the kids in years down the road and see if they remember them fondly, too.

Due to the start of another new year, I find myself feeling nostalgic about all the changes and growth we see in the children every day.  Remembering the clothes they loved, and the dear ones who shared those clothes with us will bring a smile in years to come.

And I just realized I didn’t take pictures of the many, many outfits that Yessa loved to wear that Aunt A. shared with us before L was large enough to wear them.  It occurs to me that I subconsciously though we wouldn’t miss them because we’d see them on L, but I should have taken pictures of them, too.  Sorry, Yessa!


Home Space

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I had big plans and a very long list of tasks to accomplish during the week the family was away.  Now I realize the list was completely unrealistic since I also planned to sleep, eat, workout, and breathe.

Luckily, my niece, Patricia, very generously agreed to spend some of her holiday break with me to help.  Thanks to her hard work, everything on the original list (except for auction work) was accomplished, and additional items were added.

Here are some before and after shots:

Spice Cabinet After Patty Worked Her Magic

Spice Cabinet Before

Tool Shelves Before

Tool Shelves After Patty Magic

Children's Closet Before

Children's Closet After

Children's Bedroom Before

Children's Bedroom Before


Pepto Pink Love Cave Before

Piles in the Pepto Palace

Latte' colored retreat after

Basement Disaster Area

More Disaster

And the Basement Playspace After:

And finally, the upstairs Family Room.