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My Kind of World January 12, 2012

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There’s a guy at our box; a guy I consider a tough guy.  Not in the ugly sense of a sexist, mean, tough guy.  Just literally a tough guy.  Physically he’s incredibly strong, fast, and skilled.  He’s quiet, as well, except when he’s coaching, and then he’s got the gift of spirit and personality force.

I had a few minutes to visit with him the other day.  We were talking about the decision he and his wife made to not buy a new house right now.

“We’re trying to have a kid, and we decided our mortgage is just so cheap, it wasn’t worth trying to find a house we really liked.  We kept compromising as we looked at new houses:  Okay, we’ll go up $25,000; okay, we’ll look a little further out…”

Then he said the words that gave me the insight into the new world we are creating, intelligent, thoughtful, men and women together.

“This way, if one of us decides to stay home, we’ve got the option of living on one salary.”

“…if one of us decides to stay home…”

That’s the kind of world I want to be living in.


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