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Things To Be Grateful For… January 9, 2012

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I never want to forget the relaxation and peace that comes from the children now being old enough to play independently with each other and their friends.  We went to dinner at friends’ house after church on Saturday night.

We walked in the door, and the children disappeared.  We saw random children throughout the evening as they needed food, and then we saw them as their games of indoor tag got a little too energetic, but other than that, we adults sat down to our dinner, ate our dinner; at a table, with real plates, glasses, and silverware; chatted after our dinner was over, and we were chatting about life, visions, and plans beyond just our children; had time to digest enough to decide that, “why, yes, thank you, a piece of chocolate for dessert would be perfect,” and then it was time to close out the evening.

It was relaxing, cozy, comfortable, and enriching on so many levels.  This couple stretches our minds and our hearts, which gives me such a feeling of love.

So, thanks kids, and thanks adults.  Time well spent.


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