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Clothes Horses January 1, 2012

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While the crew was away, I sorted through all their clothes, swapping out warmer clothes due to the season, but also returning clothes we’ve borrowed from Aunt A, donating clothes that no longer fit, storing clothes for the memory boxes, etc.

But, there were lots of clothes that we don’t really have space to keep, but they have such a strong memories for me, I didn’t want to just pass them along and have them be forgotten to time.  So, I took pictures of the special items so I can show them to the kids in years down the road and see if they remember them fondly, too.

Due to the start of another new year, I find myself feeling nostalgic about all the changes and growth we see in the children every day.  Remembering the clothes they loved, and the dear ones who shared those clothes with us will bring a smile in years to come.

And I just realized I didn’t take pictures of the many, many outfits that Yessa loved to wear that Aunt A. shared with us before L was large enough to wear them.  It occurs to me that I subconsciously though we wouldn’t miss them because we’d see them on L, but I should have taken pictures of them, too.  Sorry, Yessa!


2 Responses to “Clothes Horses”

  1. kristin Says:

    I have two plastic bins under the bed with special baby outfits from my two. I know I ought to donate them or gift them to someone, but I don’t want to. We have one dress that my older sisters wore, I wore, and my niece wore before dd got it. My hope is that one of the outfits I save will be like that and get worn by a ton of family members until it just wears out.

    • mommie2zs Says:

      I completely agree with you, Kristin. I have kept certain outfits that I hope to pass on to the children when/if they choose to have families later on. Chris’ mom did that, I loved having that glimpse into what Baby Chris would have worn oh so many years ago.

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