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Teeth falling like rain… December 15, 2011

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Yessa lost her second tooth last week, and The Buster just lost his second canine, so he’s got big kid teeth in the middle on the top, with a hole on each side.

Yessa’s lost tooth was the middle one on the bottom, so now she has the typical hole in the front on the bottom.

The tooth had been wiggly for awhile, and two days in a row she insisted she wanted me to pull it.  The first day I held it with a washcloth, and declared it not loose enough.  The second day I told her I’d do it if she really wanted me to.  Two tugs, and it didn’t come out.  “Are you sure?”  Yup, she was sure.

Bigger tug, and it was out.  And then it bled.

She was not happy.

I told Buds I now have to realize that when this child tells me vehemently that she wants me to do something “to” her, like cutting her hair into a bob last month, I need to just as vehemently ignore her.

She did finally remember to put the tooth under her pillow last night and was tickled to find a dollar this morning.

Such a look of delight and awe they get after the tooth fairy has visited.  I love it.


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