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Time to stop using platitudes November 21, 2011

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We were out at Massadoah for the gorgeous weekend, and Zoe gave everyone (adults included) tattoos.  Many people received multiple tattoos.

One afternoon, she was giving Noa a tattoo on her lower leg, and Noa’s leg was propped up on the table at a rather impossible angle.

“Zoe,” she said.  “This kind of hurts.”

“Well,” said I, in that annoying way adults have of inserting themselves into a conversation children are having, “sometimes beauty can be painful.”

(Full disclosure, it was an asinine thing to say, not sure why I even said it.)

And then our amazing, brilliant, funny, interesting daughters had their say.

Zoe:  You mean like in the 15th Century when women used white lead powder on their faces to look beautiful?

Noa:  Or when a baby is being born?

“Yes, exactly, girls.” I said before I tucked my tail between my legs and sought out Buds to tell him what had just transpired.

No more offhand, psuedo-funny comments from me.


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