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Crossfit Fun August 19, 2011

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Dearest Gina was here for some days of play and laughter last week, which I’ll post about more extensively later.  Of the many wonderful things she did while she here, listening to me (and Buds) blather on and on about CrossFit was probably the most annoying.  She even went to a WOD with me, which I suspect was even more stressful for her to watch than she let on.  But, being a BFF, she did it.

I digress.  I’ll tell you more about Gina’s wonderfulness later.

Here are two pictures that sum up some things I love about CrossFit.

My first hand tear.  Though I’m choosing to treat it as a badge of honor, it actually shows I wasn’t practicing good hand care.  I hope not to have to learn this lesson again.

High blood pressure has never been a concern for me, but I was tickled to see my heart rate (the bottom number), on a recent BP check.

Buds has seen strong improvement in his BP, which thrills us both!  He’s going for blood work in a couple weeks, so we’ll be very interested to see what that shows after seeing BP progress.  We’ve been paleo for close to 2 months now, if not longer, and are so happy with the results.

I know this blog is supposed to be about the children, but since our lives directly impact theirs, and this blog is all about making memories for the future, I thought I’d like to remember these things to show the grandkids some day.


Bounce On…

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A new Rebounderz opened up close by, and April and I decided to take our crews for an hour of bouncing off the walls.  Rebounderz is an indoor trampoline playground, and it brought much hilarity, only a few injuries, and completely exhausted children.  Oh, and April wrenched her neck, reminding her, once again, that she is not the 12 year old girl who bounced on the trampoline every day, that she once was.  She still looks 12, though.

A few pictures for your enjoyment and our memories.

All the children had to be fitted with helmets, and all of us had to wear the shoes provided by Rebonderz.

Seeing the kids all outfitted for roller derby made it worth the price of admission to April and me.

Despite having them on the opposite feet, Anna loved the shoes, and wanted to take them home.

We rolled with laughter at Sam in the full face helmet and the bink.

Ready for battle!

We were all hot and sweaty post-bouncing.

Off come the shoes.

Another great adventure for our clans.


To be inside her brain…

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We had torrential rain yesterday.  I commented to Noa that it was “raining cats and dogs.”

She looked at me and said, “Or it’s like it’s raining fat people.”


In talking with her later, she talked about meaning that it was raining the sun and the moon, so somehow I think the sun and moon are connected with large people in her head?  Possibly some children’s book we read that has formed some sort of picture in her mind.

Anyway, I can only pray that, “It’s raining fat people,” doesn’t come out of her mouth at some inopportune moment in the future.


Another Massadoah Excursion August 9, 2011

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We decided to brave The Valley with some fellow intrepid homeschoolers.  April and crew packed up for a 3 day, 2 night outing with us.  Needless to say, all the kids had a fantastic time waking up each morning to find some of their favorite humans waiting to play and laugh.

Interestingly, the younger children were fascinated by throwing dirt.  That made us laugh.

The big kids loved playing games together in the loft, on the screened porch, or at the kitchen table.

Of course, we had our time in the river:

Notice Alex’s pearls!

And, of course, we took them up the twisty-turny drive up to Woodstock Tower.  That darn, darn tower.  The children trooped right up there, ran right to the edge, and loved the view, while I climbed with a death grip on the rail, waves of nausea, then stood in the dead center of the top, pretending like I couldn’t look down and see clear to the floor.  Blech, blech, blech.  Great view, though.

Sam needed a lift for part of the trip.

Sam loved the tower so much, he didn’t want to come down.  He was the last one at the top.

And, of course, the kids had lots of time…just plain time, to walk, talk, and play.

It was a fantastic time for everyone.


He’s funny even before 6 a.m.!

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Not even 6 a.m. and the kid is already making me laugh.

The presents for Zoe’s birthday are sitting on the dining room table downstairs.  He went down, then came back up to tell me:

“When I went downstairs I saw the presents, but I didn’t look inside them.  I was pleased to see there were ones for me and Noa.”

He asked to get up, and I asked him to check the clock in the family room to see what time it was.

“Where is the clock?” He asked.

“It’s sitting on the little cupboard just inside the family room door.” I replied.

“Is it sitting on the floor or up high?”

I explained, “If you run your hand down the door as you walk into the family room, it’s sitting on the first cupboard that your hand will run into.  It’s very bright.  You can’t miss it.”

He replied, “Well, that’s very interesting because I’ve missed it every other time I’ve gone into the family room.”

Then I elbowed him in the stomach.


Rain, Rain…

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Noa decided she could insert more emotion into her playing of a rainy song if she dressed appropriately.