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Lego Extravaganza! July 22, 2011

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At the auction last year, Buds and I won a “Kids’ Party Planning Package.”  Ms. Ann and Sir Chris, two extremely creative individuals, and their two teenagers, Ross and Grace, offered their services for the full soup to nuts of a kids’ party.  We’ve been saving up this opportunity until J,B, L, and A were back from Hong Kong.

We didn’t use it to celebrate any specific event, it was just a party to celebrate lots of loved ones getting together.

Well, the Hong Kongians were back, and we had the party on Monday night.  It was a huge hit with the children!

Ann, Chris, and Grace came over to meet with our crew a couple weeks ago.  The children filled them in on mega boys and mega girls, legoville, and the other stories they make up with the legos.  (I had previously told Ann I thought a lego party was the one “theme” that would work across ages and genders for the children to be invited.)

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Ann and Chris took the ideas the children tossed out to them, and turned it into an Extravaganza!  All the children received individual invitations inviting them to show up as Lego Agents to save Legoville, which was being threatened by a volcanic eruption.  The party planners even created and posted a video for the kids to watch before the party to help them understand their mission.  You can watch the video here:

Z,Z, and N made 13 mega people to take to the party.

Oh, and did I mention that Ann and Chris even agreed to have the party at their house?!  It was heavenly.


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