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Another Year of Girl Scout Camp July 22, 2011

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We had such a great time at camp last year, we loaded up the same crew and headed back.  Thankfully, the weather was much cooler this year, so April and I actually slept at night, rather than just sticking to our sleeping bags and sweating.

It was another fantastic year.  April and Matt have been busy planning their big move to Florida, so this was some much-needed quiet time for April.  Shosh is also making a big move sometime in the near future, so we very much wanted some quality time with her.  April and I easily fall into our “sister-wife” roles which make our lives so much easier.  Plus, we both have enough of the introvert-extrovert in us that we are fine with talking and bonding, or just sitting and reading.  And we both feel good about sending out the “our dance card is full” vibe when we need some alone time.

Highlight for me this year was the song April made up about “Angry Cat Poo.”  It is sung to the “Princess Pat” tune.  Made the girls break down into hilarious laughter every time.  We may regret it when the “Angry Cat” song shows up at an inopportune moment, but for now it just makes us crack up.

Some pictures of our fabulous time:

Many more pictures to come, but I wanted to get this posted so Ms. Gina and the grandmas could see the photos.


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