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Water Play July 26, 2011

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There are many, many things to love about living in our community.  One of my favorite parts of the summer is that our pool passes cost $15/family member for the whole summer, and we can pick from 10 or 12 different pools.  We have a fantastic pool right by us, and finally, just this year, we’ve taken full advantage of this pool plethora.

The children and I head to the pool every morning at 9:00 a.m. for an hour.  We play, splash, swim, just generally enjoy being in the water together.  There is a zero-entry pool that has fountains and only goes to 3 feet deep, and a “big” pool with lap lanes and a deep end.  We like both of them, and we’ve started to make the transition to using the big pool more.

The whole family has been going to the pool all together on Saturdays, and we’ve been meeting cousins’ there on the weekends, too.  It’s been just wonderful!

Monkey has turned into a fish this summer.  We met friends to play at the pool early in June, and Monkey’s friend was diving to retrieve dive toys.  Zoe decided she wanted to do this, too.  Boom, she’s now a diving, spinning, cartwheeling water monkey.

Yessa has progressed through sheer force of will.  She steadfastly refuses swim lessons because she’d have to go in without me.  (“Maybe when I’m 9,” she just said to me yesterday.)  But, she wants so much to be brave and strong and her own little person.  She wanted goggles, and began teaching herself to put her face in the water and get comfortable with that feeling, and just in the last two weeks, she has taught herself to dive under the water and swim forward.  She’s still nervous and excited and giggles as she swims.  And she definitely has to have a taller person close by because she pays little heed to whether or not she can touch the bottom.  I continue to be amazed and impressed with her drive and desire to learn.

The Buster.  As always, his own, self-contained little person.  Just this last Saturday he decided he wanted to put on a pair of goggles.  Then he put his face in the water for the first time, ever, intentionally.  He was proud of himself in his quiet way.  I think we’ll have to start putting a ponytail in to hold back his bangs, but Buds isn’t going for that yet.

Monkey was really working with The Buster to help him get comfortable and to try swimming.  It’s going to be fun and interesting to see what the rest of the summer holds for his water spurt.


Lego Extravaganza! July 22, 2011

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At the auction last year, Buds and I won a “Kids’ Party Planning Package.”  Ms. Ann and Sir Chris, two extremely creative individuals, and their two teenagers, Ross and Grace, offered their services for the full soup to nuts of a kids’ party.  We’ve been saving up this opportunity until J,B, L, and A were back from Hong Kong.

We didn’t use it to celebrate any specific event, it was just a party to celebrate lots of loved ones getting together.

Well, the Hong Kongians were back, and we had the party on Monday night.  It was a huge hit with the children!

Ann, Chris, and Grace came over to meet with our crew a couple weeks ago.  The children filled them in on mega boys and mega girls, legoville, and the other stories they make up with the legos.  (I had previously told Ann I thought a lego party was the one “theme” that would work across ages and genders for the children to be invited.)

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Ann and Chris took the ideas the children tossed out to them, and turned it into an Extravaganza!  All the children received individual invitations inviting them to show up as Lego Agents to save Legoville, which was being threatened by a volcanic eruption.  The party planners even created and posted a video for the kids to watch before the party to help them understand their mission.  You can watch the video here:

Z,Z, and N made 13 mega people to take to the party.

Oh, and did I mention that Ann and Chris even agreed to have the party at their house?!  It was heavenly.


More Girl Scout Camp Pictures…

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Additional photos of the varied adventures we had.

It’s fun to see how we’ve all changed since last year:

Outside our glen shelter last year.

This year.

Of course, some things stay the same from year to year.

And that’s a great thing!


Another Year of Girl Scout Camp

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We had such a great time at camp last year, we loaded up the same crew and headed back.  Thankfully, the weather was much cooler this year, so April and I actually slept at night, rather than just sticking to our sleeping bags and sweating.

It was another fantastic year.  April and Matt have been busy planning their big move to Florida, so this was some much-needed quiet time for April.  Shosh is also making a big move sometime in the near future, so we very much wanted some quality time with her.  April and I easily fall into our “sister-wife” roles which make our lives so much easier.  Plus, we both have enough of the introvert-extrovert in us that we are fine with talking and bonding, or just sitting and reading.  And we both feel good about sending out the “our dance card is full” vibe when we need some alone time.

Highlight for me this year was the song April made up about “Angry Cat Poo.”  It is sung to the “Princess Pat” tune.  Made the girls break down into hilarious laughter every time.  We may regret it when the “Angry Cat” song shows up at an inopportune moment, but for now it just makes us crack up.

Some pictures of our fabulous time:

Many more pictures to come, but I wanted to get this posted so Ms. Gina and the grandmas could see the photos.


Choosing To Love… July 21, 2011

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Today was our last visit with Lucia and Aidan and Jenny and Brendan.  They rolled out a couple hours ago, headed for Jenny’s cousin’s house, then on up to Jersey to her sister’s house.  We had several wonderful, wonderful gatherings with them while they were in Virginia.

As with most strong friendships, they walked in the door on their first visit, and it was as if they had just been away for a weekend.  The kids disappeared to play together, and Jen and I settled in for great gabfests.

I’m struggling to bounce back now that they are gone.  In preparing the children for today’s visit, I explained that today was our last visit with them for this trip.  Zachary said, “But not our last visit with them forever, right?”  I reassured him that we have many years of visits ahead of us, and the children seem to be taking all of this in stride, whereas I am the one wishing for something else.

But, as I said to Zoe, I would so much rather have them in our lives…and feel the sorrow of loss each time we tell them good bye…than to not have the incredible richness they have added to our existence.

Here are some photos from our time together.


Grandma Iowa Visits July 12, 2011

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My mom flew out for a nice long trip, then promptly fell ill on her second day here.  It actually was the perfect place for her to be sick because I got to take care of her for once.  Normally she does everything for us when she’s visiting.  By the end of the trip, Buds and I did get an evening out, which was great, and she took care of kitty litter and laundry, which I so appreciate.

Here are some pictures:


Hong Kongians Visit

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Is “Hong Kongians” even a word?  Most likely not, but you get the idea.  Our beloveds from Hong Kong were back for a visit, and we’ve had two days of splendid times with them.  I’ll post a bunch of pictures for all of us to enjoy, but what I can’t show a picture of is Jenny and me talking our lips off.  Nobody took a picture of that, but it sure was delicious!