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Zachary Comments April 5, 2011

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The Buster has been on a bit of a roll lately with the funny comments.

Here are two for posterity’s sake:

We were snuggled up getting ready for him to fall asleep one night, and he was talking about “My Minecraft,” the game he plays in his head when he can’t be playing Minecraft on an actual computer.  He was telling me an elaborate story about it, then he said, “What did I say again?  I’m a fast forgetter.”

Then, just a couple nights ago, we had dinner with some friends.  They have two children our crew’s age, and we like them all very much:  adults and children.  The adults were sitting around the dining room table, having a great time visiting.  The kids were in the basement, also having a great time, we thought.

Zachary came upstairs, snuggled up to Buds and said, “How long until we leave?”

“About 10 minutes,” we told him.

“Thank Goodnes,” he said, and walked away.

An interesting way to end an evening.


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