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Something Very, Very Hard… March 10, 2011

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I did something very hard today.

For time:

If you aren’t familiar with CrossFit speak, these lines mean little.  If you are, then you know.

To the uninitiated, this morning’s workout involved jumping up onto a 20″ high box 100 times, then swinging a kettle bell that weighs 36# approx. 200 degrees from straight above my head to between my legs, and finally, attempting to jump over a jump rope making two complete circles around my body while I was in the air, 100 times, all while being timed.

I did not sleep very well last night, knowing this workout was coming.  It had the potential to be my first time–ever–completing a CrossFit workout as prescribed.  I was sore for the previous day’s workout.  Box jump are very tough for me, as anyone who has ever seen my horizontal leap can understand.  (Leap is a misnomer in my case.)  I generally make a very guttural grunting sound every time I make my jump onto the box.  I’d done that kettle bell weight before, but never 100 times.  And though I’ve got the rhythm figured out for DU’s, they weren’t consistant.

The internal monologue went something like this:

There’d be no shame in not going.  I’m sore.  That’s a valid reason.

Buds is going to go.  I’ll be so upset and disappointed with myself if I don’t go.

What if I truly can’t do it.  I’ve always had scaled WOD’s, but I’ve NEVER not finished one.

One hundred box jumps?  Good grief.  That’s a lot of box jumps.

It’s been a long night with the kids.  I’ve been up with all three of them at some point.  That’s a good reason not to go.

To heck with it.  I need to do this!  Mostly because I’m scared, but I’ve got to do this.

So, I did.  Buds got up, and went to the 6 a.m. workout.  I was awake at 5 a.m., too anxious to go back to sleep.  I got ready to go to the gym, cleaned the living room, worked on cleaning the kitchen, tried to think positive self-affirmations-whatever those are.  Buds came home sweaty and exhausted.  I jumped in the car and drove to the gym.

And then, I did it.  Eileen and Francesco were in the group with me.  Mehdi was the trainer.  I was not fast, and it took a lot of spirit, but it didn’t kill me.  In fact, it wasn’t really bad at all.  I was able to maintain sets of at least 5 for everything, and the box jumps I was doing in groups of 10.  CrossFitters will know that that is pretty good.  It’s when you can only do things one rep at a time that you are really hurting.

Francesco finished nearly 10 minutes before me, Eileen about 5.  This meant Mehdi had time to come and stand in front of me and count reps for me, which is a blessing and a curse.  Mostly a blessing, though.  With about 30 kb’s left, Mehdi was standing in front of me, and I looked at him and said, “This is my first rx’d,” and he said, with a huge grin, “I was just about to say that!”

So, I finished.  Not just finished…triumphed.

Tomorrow’s WOD:

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

  • 8 C2B Pull Ups
  • 4 Front Squats (155#/115#)

Core – 50 Reverse Hypers

My PR for a front squat is 95#, so I won’t be doing rx’d tomorrow, and that’s just fine.  I’ve tasted the ripest fruit, and there’s no going back.


One Response to “Something Very, Very Hard…”

  1. Erin Says:

    Congratulations on your accomplishment! You really rock, and you’re my inspiration!

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