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Providence: Day Three October 4, 2010

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Our last full day in Providence was a wonderful mishmash of fun.  The children and I drove 1 1/2 hours over to Old Sturbridge Village to take a walk into the past, and we loved it.  Riding in a stage coach was a great experience for all of us.  It was a 10 minute ride, and made us so grateful we had a car to drive in on smooth roads. The kids loved walking around in the old houses and buildings.  They asked lots of questions, and made up stories about their own lives.

I enjoyed seeing the antique quilts–notice the shape of them, which is so brilliant.

Then, after our drive back to Providence, we went to the Big Nazo Lab.  It was only thanks to Zachary’s loving perseverence that we got out of the car and went in, rather than just driving by and looking at the fantastic window displays.  We were so glad we went in.  It took Zoe and Yessa a bit to warm up to the idea of trying on the fantastic costumes, but once they tried it, they all loved it.  I think one of those shots might end up being our Christmas photo.


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