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Soccer Stars September 25, 2010

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The big kids have been enjoying their weekly soccer outings with friends.  Buds and Sir Thy always make it fun for all the children, and they are the perfect combination as coaches.  Thy comes up with the plan, and thinks about the goals for the kids, as well as being fun and enjoying the time with the children.  Buds is there to have fun and be goofy and think up creative games on the spot.  It works really well.  And the moms and Sir Sean consider it a huge success because we get to hang out and visit and watch Rafferty and Noa be goofy.

Sitting on soccer balls and visiting seems to be the kids’ favorite part.

Notice Yessa’s self-tattooing in this picture.

Again with the ball sitting.

Zachy’s feelings got hurt because he couldn’t seem to score a goal, so some sister support was necessary.

Zoe’s seems to have acquired her father’s goalie genes.

The hottest day in a week, and Yessa decided to wear three layers of clothing.  If you look closely, you can see her yellowing black eye, acquired from being knocked into the wooden bench by Chip’s tail.

Good fun, good running, and good friends.


One Response to “Soccer Stars”

  1. Erin Says:

    It looks like so much fun! And so much sweeter than when my nephews play soccer. 😉 Glad you’re all having such a great time!

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