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Nightly Conversations September 25, 2010

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Under the heading of “Things I Never Want To Forget,” comes the nightly conversations with The Buster and Yessa.

Every single night for the last many, many months, Yessa asks the following questions as I am laying in bed with her, rocking her sleep:

“Mommy, what if I am firsty or hungry or have to go poop or pee in the middle of the night?”


“Mommy, will you stay awake?”  (She wants me to stay awake as she is falling asleep.)

and, not all the time, but frequently, she also asks,

“Mom, are your toes still purple?”  (I have purple toe nails in honor of Yessa and her favorite color.)

and The Buster has the following hug litany:

“Mom, this hug is because I love you.”

“This hug is because God loves you.”

“And this hug is for a good night.”

All of that brings such a smile, and a reminder that children love traditions and consistency as much as adults.


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