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Lego Wonders September 25, 2010

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The Buster had his second week of Lego Club, and he is still loving it.  Ms. Lisa led the boys in a rather circuitous route to deciding what they wanted their main focus to be for their Biomedical Engineering Project.  They decided on Health Assessment.  So, they will work together to create a lego creation on an 18″ square lego base that has at least 1 moving part, and has a connection to health assessment.

Lisa really did a masterful job in helping each boy express any ideas he had about what the team could work on, and then voting for their final preference, while making sure all the boys felt listened to and valued.  Ms. Jennifer, the other coach, and I were very, very impressed.

It will be exciting to see what the boys come up with, and, needless to say, Lego creating in our home has moved to the next level.  Mega Boys are more elaborate and larger than ever, and Legoville has seen some perilous times of late, but always manages to come through.

The girls love Lego Club because they get to hang out with the siblings of the Lego members.

The Brain Trust

Buster explaining his vision.


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