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An Opportunity September 19, 2010

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It used to be that a broken toy was seen as a tragedy.  There would be crying, accusations, anger, and sorrow.  That is still sometimes the case, but, just as frequently now–at least if the toy or item is electronic, it’s an opportunity!

All three children received free pedometers in the mail from Subway yesterday, and The Buster’s had soon been squished by someone accidentally.  He brought the 4 little orange and metal pieces up to show me, and we realized the front of the pedometer was still working.  It still showed numbers on the front.  Then we were so intrigued to try and figure out how it worked.  We spent 20 0r 30 minutes testing out all sorts of different theories and looking in the back of the other pedometers to try and see how they count steps.  It was fascinating.

And the look on Buster’s face when he realized we had figured out how to make a “broken” pedometer count…that was priceless.


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