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Fire Masters Begin! September 9, 2010

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Zachary’s Lego Club began yesterday, led by the wonderful Ms. Lisa.  Five boys from ages 6-8 get together every other week to talk about a creation to further the inventions of Biomedical Engineering.

At this first meeting, Lisa had them introduce themselves and tell about a time they got hurt, and what they did to help that hurt, or what their moms and dads, or a doctor did to help.  (Zachary shared the story of getting hit in the head with a wooden block, which made everyone wince.)  Then, she gave them time to just play with legos.

The Buster created a flying submarine spaceship that hauled a cart behind it on the end of a long string for carrying extra legos.

He was also the person that came up with the team name, “Fire Masters.”  Luckily, his other suggestion, “Brick Prick,” was not the winner.  (In case you don’t know, the building pieces of legos are correctly called “bricks.”)

He said the first meeting was “Ten thumbs up!”


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