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A Perfect Morning… September 9, 2010

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We’ve decided to make one day a week our Museum Day, and we started today.  We drove into downtown Herndon and parked at the Municipal Lot where we could be close to everything we wanted.

Our first stop was the Herndon Depot Museum, and it was much bigger and even more interesting than I had hoped.  We stomped around in there for 45 minutes or so, reading displays, talking about what we found interesting, looking at a paper mache statue of the Captain Herndon that Herndon is named for.  (He went down with the ship.)  The very nice woman working there had a treasure basket for the children to troll through so I could peruse the brochures on hand to have options for other Museum Days.

Then the kids voted to have scooter time next, so we unloaded Bike, Scooter, and Plasma, from the “5” and headed off down the W and OD Trail.  It was a perfect temperature, lots of sun, and the kids just zoomed along.  It wasn’t too busy, which was great for my piece of mind.  When Yessa reached her limit and I ended up carrying the plasma, we turned around.  Dropped the scooters off at the “5,” and headed for the library after a walk through the Herndon Farmers Market.  It isn’t nearly as large as the Lake Anne FM on Saturdays, but much less busy.  It was fun for me to watch Zoe interact with a gentleman from a bread company while I watched the two little ones climb around on the caboose that is parked in downtown Herndon.  She looked so adult-like as she visited with him.  She came back over to us to tell us how delicious the pumpkin bread sample was that he gave her, and we headed over to purchase a loaf of pumpkin bread.  Then a purchase of choco-chip cookies from another baker, and then to The Closet.

A very nice woman, whom I suspect is homeless, based upon her shopping cart, told us we were headed the right way for the library, but on Thursday mornings The Closet is open, but the library doesn’t open until 1.  We’ve never visited The Closet before so we headed over there.  The Closet is a thrift store sponsored by local churches.  Pretty much a Goodwill Store.  It was quite busy on this Thursday morning.  The children found lots of toys that they bought with their allowance, and it led to a great conversation about buying things at The Closet rather than Target or Amazon and how much money they saved.

I had an interesting interaction when we walked in the front door, which the children didn’t notice.  The woman who held the door for us as we walked in said, “Why aren’t you kids in school?!”  I’m sure she meant it in a fun way, but it came across rather assertively, so I just ignored her.  She followed up with, “Too young?”  which I took to be a further attempt at polite conversation so I replied, “We’re homeschoolers.  This is school.”  She replied, “Well, this is a good place to get an education.”  That was said in a very friendly, positive way, so I nodded and went on my way.  It was just a reminder to me that even though it feels normal and comfortable to go everywhere with  my posse, to other people who aren’t used to seeing older children out and about, it probably will invite comments.  Interesting…

After we purchased out two sack fulls of toys for $13.69 at The Closet, it was time to head home for lunch and play and rest before the big kids’ first soccer practice tonight.  It’s Buddie’s debut as a soccer coach helper with Sir Thy, so we’ll see how that goes.


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