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Wheeled Madness August 29, 2010

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The kids all got new scooters when they were at Mom’s.  Zoe and Zachary both had their scooters stolen from in front of our house in VA, and Yessa only had The Buster’s old, rusty Dora scooter.  So, now they are all zooming happily and speedily around the neighborhood on their new wheels.  Yessa got a plasma scooter, which allows her to go very fast, very low to the ground.

Then, yesterday, Monkey decided she had had enough of training wheels, and she got a crescent wrench, and took her training wheels off her bike.  And she’s been riding her bike like a pro.  Truly, no wobbling, able to do skid turns, start up from a standstill.  The spirit was ready and the body was able.  It’s really impressive, and serves as yet another reminder to me of how letting things happen in their own time works out very, very well.

This has all been good for me, too.  Having to stand back and learn to let them take their spills and bruises as they choose.  The number of times I’ve wanted to cry out as Yessa heads down the big hill in front of our house, but I stop…and realize…I don’t want to be a hindrance to her joy and moxie.  I’ll be there if she takes a spill, and set her right back on the scooter, ready to zoom off again.


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