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Girl Scout Camp–It’s not for Sissies… August 16, 2010

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Last year, the Monkey and I headed off to Girl Scout camp all on our lonesome.  We had a truly fantastic time.  It was so cool and so relaxing for it to be just the two of us.  I truly think a million dollar idea is to offer family camp that is all the possible family permutations:  Father/Daughter Camp, Mother/Son Camp, Father/Son Camp…you get the idea. This year, we found some willing companions in Zoe’s best pals:  Alex and Shoshanna.  Alex’s Mom, one of my favorite Gal Pals, April, also came along. We picked up our fellow travelers on Wednesday afternoon, and headed for Hughesville, MD, where Camp Winona is found.  Other friends, Mary and daughters, Evelyn and Katie, were also there, and we quickly made friends with the other girls in our unit.  (We were grouped by the section of camp we stayed in.  Last year Zoe and I were part of “Holly.”  This year, our fivesome was part of “Deer Crossing.”) For the next three nights and four days, we played together, ate together, and slept together.  Except for a few hours on Friday morning when Zoe was under the weather and needed to rest in the glen shelter, we were all pretty much together, and it was splendid.  The girls play beautifully together, and they are all three really wonderful people.  I’m so grateful Zoe has such wonderful friends. This is taken outside the glen shelter the 5 of us shared.  It was in the 90’s all 4 days we were at camp.  At night the glen shelter might get down to the 80’s, which felt cool.  The girls generally slept well, except for Zoe and Alex having dreams where they yelled out to each other, but April and I were pretty restless.  AC wimps, I believe we are. I’m dying to get these pictures posted since camp was in June, so here are the pictures, in no particular order.


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