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Great Speeches July 19, 2010

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I was privy to the following exchange between the Buster and Yessa a couple days ago:

Yessa had been working to get Buster’s attention for quite some time.  She had something she really wanted to tell him, but he was absorbed by what he was working on.  She persisted until he finally said, “This is the wast time I’m wistening to you.”

“Otay,” said Yessa.

Ah, those great speech patterns that will someday be lost to time.

And this morning, Yessa wanted Buds to help her great dressed.  Or, rather, she wanted,

“Dad, would you get my fwoze?”

“Your fwoze?” responded her constantly teasing father.

“No, my fffwwwooooozzzzze,” she replied slowly and carefully.

“Oh, your fwoze,” said her snotty daddy again.

Yessa looked at him with a gleam in her eye, smiled, and said, “Yes, my fwoze.”

Dad got the clothes.

And finally, Yessa’s newest word creation is:

Lasterday, as in,

“We went there lasterday.”

It’s truly a lovely combination of last night and yesterday.  I may love it as much as soothme and base-up.


One Response to “Great Speeches”

  1. Gina Says:

    Love the made-up words.

    My favorite of my kids was ‘out-cluding’, the opposite of including. Not sure who came up with it, maybe Henry.

    “What’s your favorite animated movie, outcluding Pixar films?”

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