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Locks of Love June 26, 2010

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Zoe’s hair has gotten so long, but she doesn’t much enjoy the hair-care process.  Today, when we were working to tame it into a ponytail, she said, “I don’t really care for long hair anymore, so I’d like to get a haircut.”

I mentioned the Locks of Love program, which gives hair prosthetics to children under 21 who have need of one.  I explained to her that hair had to be a certain length to be donated, but I wasn’t sure how long it needed to be, but would she be interested in donating her hair.  She wanted to understand more about why kids would need a wig (not the politically correct word, but easiest to type and understand.), I explained some of the reasons, and she was immediately taken with the idea.

After we talked for a little longer she asked, “Mom, can I keep a fringe of hair?”

I quickly explained that she wouldn’t have to cut off all her hair, but I was so touched that she had been so excited about the idea, despite thinking she needed to give it all up.


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