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The Buster’s Bakugan Birthday Party May 29, 2010

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Call it insanity, call it love of having a house full of laughing people, call it motherly guilt, but we had our second party in as many weekends on Sunday, April 18.  After many months of talking about what sort of party he wanted, the Buster settled on a Bakugan party, because that is his current love.  He knew exactly who he wanted to invite, and he had a plethora of ideas about how he wanted the party to be.  Everyone except Awesome Aidan was able to attend, so we had 6 little boys, plus our girls and Beloved Lucia, running around playing together.

Unlike the Princess Extravaganza where all the Moms stayed to hang out, watch the girls, and have our own party, all the Dads dropped and ran (which was totally fine), except for Michael who took pity on Chris and me and stayed to visit for awhile, and–Bless them–Jill and Aaron stayed to help with the party.  Trying to simultaneously get cupcakes with lit candles in them to 9 wiggly bodies, without setting anyone’s hair on fire is a feat I wouldn’t wish on anyone except those under 30’s who don’t have children and think they know how to raise kids better than anyone else.

Everyone loved their huge, Costco-sized cupcakes.  And, true to themselves, lots of the children ate just part;  only the frosting, just the cake part, 1/4 of the whole thing.  Zachary really liked it.

Zachary had very specific ideas about what he wanted for this party,  he had lovely plans for a Bakugan scavenger hunt with all things Bakugan hidden around the house.  The boy that found the most “things” would win a prize.  Though we weren’t able to incorporate all his ideas, we did have Bakugans for each boy to take home, which they eagerly tore into.  And, another reason I love him, Buds led the kids in several run around and laugh games.



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Zachary and Zoe are downstairs right now, playing Jumpstart, and singing along to “Echo, echo, echolocation…”

We were all very excited because Zoe’s dragon baby went to flying school, and is now flying like crazy.

It’s a Jumpstart thing…you might not understand.