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Zoe goes bounce, bounce… April 17, 2010

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There are some stories and adventures that are destined to become family lore, and we had one happen last week.

Our huge new tent was put up on the back deck for the Princess Extravaganza, and we decided to take advantage of that by sleeping outside to test it out one night.  Zoe, especially, was very excited by this plan.

We had the beds all set up, and everyone was ready to bunk down, except for final bathroom trips and tooth brushing.  Zoe popped out of the tent, zoomed toward the house–not realizing the new sliding screen door was shut–hit the screen door at top speed, and bounced backward like she was on a trampoline.  She hit the ground back about 8 feet, and once we knew she was not hurt, we all laughed and laughed.

We’ve already referred to it several times throughout the week, and I can see it becoming a descriptor for this sort of thing:  “That’s like the time Zoe tried to run through the screen door.”  “Remember when Zoe bounced off the screen door like a raquetball?”

I’m so grateful to have children with a good sense of fun.  Zoe gets the biggest laugh of anyone when we mention “The Screen Door Incident.”


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