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The Dentist March 3, 2010

Filed under: Buster,Monkey,Yessa — mommie2zs @ 11:40 pm

No cavities today!  None for anyone.  What a huge blessing.  After the months and months of working on the Buster’s teeth,  Dr. Neda said his teeth look great.  His “metal tooth” looks good.

They all did so well.  Yessa wouldn’t let the dental tech. clean her teeth.  After the first few swishes with the electric brush, she was done.  And that was fine.  She did allow Dr. Neda to “count her teeth” and they looked good.

It helps that my own mother loves to tell the story of my first trip to the dentist as a five-year-old.  She spent much time preparing me for the visit by reading to me from my “A Visit To The Dentist” book, which we might still have somewhere.  And then, at the dentist, I refused to open my mouth.  I refused to even sit in the chair.  I have a vivid memory of sitting hunkered in a corner of the dentist’s room, sitting on a little ledge that went around the room, at just my butt height, shaking my head vigorously at the person trying to see into my mouth.

I survived it, my teeth are fine, and someday, Noa will allow the dentist to have a good look.

I was proud of all of them, including Noa, for being true to herself.


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