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Car Pool February 19, 2010

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If our children were in institutionalized school, I suspect car pool would be among my favorite pieces of the puzzle.  There is enough fodder in children’s conversations, especially when they don’t think the adults are paying attention, to fill an encyclopedia.

Yesterday, when driving Monkey and Best Buddy, Alex, down to our house after Odyssey of the Mind, the following conversation took place.

“My grandma is at my house,” says Zoe.

“Maybe your loose tooth will fall out,” replies Alex.

“No, it’s my Grandma Iowa who is visiting.  My Grandma and Grandpa Vermont are the ones who make my teeth fall out.”  (Though this might seem like a bizarre concept, it is true that 3 or 4 of the 8 teeth that Zoe has lost happened when we were visiting or had just been visiting with Buddie’s parents.  They do seem to make things fall out of one.)

This start to the conversation led to a discussion of the tooth fairy.  Alex wants no part of the tooth fairy.  She has all her teeth in a jar in her bedroom.

“What does she do with all those teeth, anyway?!” demanded Alex.

Monkey thoughtfully responded, “I think she stores the teeth away, but the first one she puts on display.  Or maybe she builds them into a castle.”

Alex, who has a wonderful sense of humor, turns in her booster seat to gasp, “That’s grooossss!”

Zoe says mildly, “It’s just a hypothesis,” with a little shrug of her shoulders.

Alex’s face goes completely blank as she says, “I have no idea what you just said.”

And Zoe explains, “A hypothesis…it was just an idea.”

It was hysterical, and wonderful, and they were both giggling like crazy the whole drive.

Car pool.  I love it.


2 Responses to “Car Pool”

  1. Chris Says:

    “They do seem to make things fall out of one.”

    Hypothesis strengthened since 3 out of 3 children “fell out” while Grandma and Grandpa Vermont were visiting.

  2. mommie2zs Says:

    i have lost 10 thest so fare

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