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They’re only words… February 8, 2010

Filed under: Buster,Yessa — mommie2zs @ 3:07 am

I was reading back through old posts tonight and re-read the one about the Buster learning to say the initial “s” sound.  It made me want to write down some other word usements that the children structure that I’ll want to remember after the words are long gone:

Noa  says the word “welcome” as “wampum.”  Rather Native American of her, hum?!

The Buster constantly says “constructions” in place of “instructions.  And since he’s generally referring to needing me to find him the lego “constructions,” it’s very fitting.

He also says “but” in a way that combines “but” and “bat.”  Very difficult to put into type, but something like this:  baauutt.

Yessa also says, “tank you” for “thank you,” which makes us smile.  And if asked why she did something, or likes something she responds, “Tuz I do.”  Never fails to make Buds laugh.

I’ll be on the lookout for more of these, because they bring back such good memories.


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