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Big Snow February 8, 2010

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They told us it was coming.  They told us it would be 2 or 3 feet of snow.  We believed them enough to go to Costco and stock up and to make sure both cars were full of gas.  We believed them enough that Zach and Buds told everyone to work from home on Friday.

I’m glad we believed them.

The snow started on Friday morning, and did not stop until Saturday late afternoon.  It’s the most snow Buds and I have seen in our 15 years together.  As of right now, no trees have fallen on our van, and the sidewalk is all scooped.  School has been cancelled for tomorrow.  Church was cancelled for the second week in a row.  All local government offices are closed tomorrow, so no classes for any of the children.  My mom’s flight for tomorrow morning has been cancelled.  Hmmm, 30 inches of snow can really slow a place down.

But we’re all warm and well-fed and happy, and for that I am always grateful.  I wish it could be that way for the whole world.


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