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Another milestone… February 20, 2010

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It makes me a little sad to write about it.  Melancholy…a little teary…but grateful, as well.

I knew it would happen.  I’ve seen it happen with two children.  No reason to expect it wouldn’t happen with the third.

Everyone tells you that they grow up so quickly.  I knew it intellectually, but truly never believed in my heart that I would be one of “those women.”

I really thought I would welcome every opportunity to see my children be independent, because I’ve worked so hard to allow them the time they each needed to grow that independence.

And then, today, at the gym, Yessa ran into the children’s play space with the two big kids.  Without looking back.  Without asking me to stay with her for “jus a fw minits, Mom.”  And when I came back 46 minutes later, she was fine.  Not being held crying by her big sister.  Not waiting by the door, watching for me.  Just off, playing with Zoe and Zachary.

I am glad, in some ways.  I’m proud of her, and proud for her.  Still and all, I feel like asking her to stay with me for “jus a fw minits.”


Oh, Tiger. What Have You Done To Your Mother?! February 19, 2010

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I was on the treadmill at the gym when the live “confession/apology” of the decade took place.  I didn’t have headphones so I read Tiger’s entire script, just as he read it.  (Closed captioning is fantastic!)  Even without the inflection and cadence of his voice, I cried as he read it.  The words were good, and contrite, and seemingly honest.  Only he knows how it will go from here.  I wish him the absolute best, and if Elin wants to keep their marriage viable, I hope that works out for them.

The part that made me weep was when he hugged his mother after his written statement.  She sat, arms crossed, eyes mostly downcast, during his entire essay.  How humiliating and difficult and anguished and exhausted she must feel.  He is her SON.  He will always be her son.  She obviously adores him.  I thought of mothers across time–mothers of presidents and prisoners–if we have any emotional health to us at all, we love our sons.  And when it comes down to it, you can’t protect them from so many things, and you most definitely cannot protect them from themselves.

Do you suppose she has been questioning herself?  “If I just hadn’t let Earl give him that car at 16.”  “If we had insisted he…”  I don’t know, fill in the blanks for yourself.

Hopefully she isn’t, because he is a full-grown, though obviously stunted in some ways, adult.  He made his choices.

And then it happened, and I had suspected it would, so I had my answer ready.

The children and I were sitting together in the cafe in the gym.  They had a great time in the Kids play area while I had a wonderful workout.  They were sharing smoothies, and the big screen tv was blasting away on the wall behind us.

Zoe asks, “What did he do?”

As I said, I was ready…as long as she didn’t ask too many follow up questions…”He’s married and has children, and he was spending time with other women that he should have been spending with his wife.”

“And his children.” Zoe added.

And most definitely his children.

“What’s his name?”  she asked.

“Tiger Woods.  Isn’t that a great name?” I said.

And that led us down the path of discussing names, which was much more fun than the previous discussion.

To answer one of the children’s questions, much to my surprise, Tiger does have a middle name, and his real name is:  Eldrick Tont.

I’d probably stick with “Tiger” as well.


Car Pool

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If our children were in institutionalized school, I suspect car pool would be among my favorite pieces of the puzzle.  There is enough fodder in children’s conversations, especially when they don’t think the adults are paying attention, to fill an encyclopedia.

Yesterday, when driving Monkey and Best Buddy, Alex, down to our house after Odyssey of the Mind, the following conversation took place.

“My grandma is at my house,” says Zoe.

“Maybe your loose tooth will fall out,” replies Alex.

“No, it’s my Grandma Iowa who is visiting.  My Grandma and Grandpa Vermont are the ones who make my teeth fall out.”  (Though this might seem like a bizarre concept, it is true that 3 or 4 of the 8 teeth that Zoe has lost happened when we were visiting or had just been visiting with Buddie’s parents.  They do seem to make things fall out of one.)

This start to the conversation led to a discussion of the tooth fairy.  Alex wants no part of the tooth fairy.  She has all her teeth in a jar in her bedroom.

“What does she do with all those teeth, anyway?!” demanded Alex.

Monkey thoughtfully responded, “I think she stores the teeth away, but the first one she puts on display.  Or maybe she builds them into a castle.”

Alex, who has a wonderful sense of humor, turns in her booster seat to gasp, “That’s grooossss!”

Zoe says mildly, “It’s just a hypothesis,” with a little shrug of her shoulders.

Alex’s face goes completely blank as she says, “I have no idea what you just said.”

And Zoe explains, “A hypothesis…it was just an idea.”

It was hysterical, and wonderful, and they were both giggling like crazy the whole drive.

Car pool.  I love it.


Time to Relax February 10, 2010

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Monkey has an art class on Monday afternoons that she enjoys.  She has it with Friend Mia, so that is always fun.  And the girls have made some lovely things.  Last week, in addition to working with clay, they made paintings, and I thought Monkey’s was lovely:

While Monkey has her hour-long class, the little ones and I have time to play around.  We might look through any new art in the community center gallery, or read books together.  If the weather is nice, they’ll climb on the cement sculptures by Lake Anne, or, if I’m feeling free, we’ll go to the coffee shop.  Here’s how the Buster looked on one of our recent forays there:

That is one happy little man.


Sleeping Sickness February 9, 2010

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I’ve wanted to do this for a long time:  compile all the various pictures of our children sleeping in funny places, in funny ways, from over the years.

So, here they are, no particular order or reason.  You’ll have to see if you can guess which child is which:

Makes me want to yawn…


An Alex Kind of Day February 8, 2010

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Zoe and Alex had the joy of spending a whole Saturday together, earning Brownie try-its.  God bless April, Alex’s mom, she split the day with me, so she picked up Monkey bright and early and headed off with the girls for the morning while I got to go to the gym and work out and relax.  Then, I swapped with April for the afternoon.  She had gotten in some good hours of knitting, so it was a good morning for both of us.

Zoe and Alex have been best buds for several years now, and I’m always so grateful that Girl Scouting brought such a wonderful family into our life.

Oh, and as a total aside, this is a picture of Alex’s birthday cake last year.  It always makes me laugh:

I like to think of it as Botox Tinkerbell, smoking a cigarette.

Love you, April!


They’re only words…

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I was reading back through old posts tonight and re-read the one about the Buster learning to say the initial “s” sound.  It made me want to write down some other word usements that the children structure that I’ll want to remember after the words are long gone:

Noa  says the word “welcome” as “wampum.”  Rather Native American of her, hum?!

The Buster constantly says “constructions” in place of “instructions.  And since he’s generally referring to needing me to find him the lego “constructions,” it’s very fitting.

He also says “but” in a way that combines “but” and “bat.”  Very difficult to put into type, but something like this:  baauutt.

Yessa also says, “tank you” for “thank you,” which makes us smile.  And if asked why she did something, or likes something she responds, “Tuz I do.”  Never fails to make Buds laugh.

I’ll be on the lookout for more of these, because they bring back such good memories.