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The Power of Color January 21, 2010

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All the children have recently changed their favorite colors.  It’s as if they had a family meeting and Buds and I weren’t invited.

Monkey was a pink girl for years:  now she loves blue.

The Buster was devoted to blue:  He’s all about red now.

And Yessa, she used to love green:  Now “Purple is my favit tulr!”

I knew that I had been using purple to my advantage with Yessa, but I didn’t realize the older kids had glammed on to the idea, too.

Yessa is particular about her clothing.  She prefers certain things–most prominently the fishy swimming suit–but in general, purple is a big attraction.  So, when I’d like her to wear a certain item, because it is cold out, for example, I’ll point out the piece of clothing I’m suggesting she wear is purple.

Monkey has taken it to the next level.

I’m working on cleaning the dining room, and the children are using the chairs I’ve moved into the living room to make a train.  Zachary sat in the chair that Yessa wanted, and Monkey wanted Yessa to take the chair behind him.  Well, of course, Yessa didn’t want that chair, until Zoe said, “Noa, sit in the blue chair.  Blue and red make purple…”

Noa sat in the blue chair.


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