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So grateful… January 6, 2010

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As I snuggled in a chair with the youngest one after she woke up this morning, I was reminded of one of the quiet blessings of homeschooling.

This wee child, who had awakened several times in the night, was able to awaken when her internal clock said it was time to awaken.  She was scooped down from her bed by her loving daddy, who hadn’t left for work yet, and carried down to her mommy in the living room.  We were able to cuddle together until we had gotten our fill, watching brother and sister play in the dining room, just enjoying the warmth of our two bodies bundled together.

There was no rush, no hurry, no scurry to get anywhere.

On some mornings there are rush and hurry and scurry moments, but they are generally of our own choosing…and that makes all the difference.


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