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Class Lotto Winners! December 30, 2009

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We got into all the classes we wanted…first choice for all of them.  I believe I have finally learned how to play the Reston Game.  You MUST have your form in before the due date, and then, on the opening day lotto, you may be pleasantly surprised.

So, suddenly our week is looking very interesting and full:

Monday:  Piano lesson, tumbling, Lucia time, art class

Tuesday:  Swim lessons, Odyssey of the Mind

Wednesday:  Spanish Class, Girl Scouts

Thursday:  Swim lessons

Friday:  Big sigh of relief at a quiet day

Saturday:  Tae Kwon Do

In addition, we’ve joined a gym where the whole family can go, so we’ll have trips to the gym every day and on the weekends.  Not to mention, lots of time to read and learn together at home, trips into the city or for special classes, and time to play with the people we love:  Owen, Lucia, Aidan, Alex, Maya, etc.

Very full days, and the weeks will fly by.


One Response to “Class Lotto Winners!”

  1. Grandma Iowa Says:

    Just when I think you can’t possibly fit anything more into your schedule…!

    Can guests go to your gymn? Is there a daily charge? What’s the scoop?

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