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The Little White Table December 21, 2009

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A friend called a month ago to offer us a child-sized table and a couple chairs.  Her daughter had outgrown it, and they were ready to pass it along to another homeschooling family who would find it useful for a few years.

I hesitated for a moment before accepting it.  Where would it go?  Would we really use it?  Did we need a kid-sized table?

I am so glad Zoe was listening to the voice mail message with me and said, “Oh, boy, that will be great!”

So we went and picked up the table, and it’s been wonderful.

Our dining room is overfull already, thanks to the big farmhouse table we brought with us from the big yellow house.  It worked great there–a big farmhouse–not so well in our townhouse, but we aren’t ready to part with it yet, so it stays, burdening the whole room.  This new little table fits daintily under one end of the big table.  It’s like the big table had a baby.

The children love having a table at their height.  They eat at it, when it isn’t covered by some lego invention or a drawing in progress.  The chairs have been used for all kinds of stories and plays.  And as an added bonus, they can push it up to the pass through window in the kitchen and have a comfortable place to sit when we are all working on baking something together, or just to be part of what’s going on in the kitchen.  (The kitchen not being outsized either.)

It really has been a blessing.  Thanks, Leslie.


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