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What Would Your Butt Say About You? December 1, 2009

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We have two magnets on the back of our van:

“You’re Following a Girl Scout.  We Lead the Way.”


“Who’s Your Farmer?  Great Country Farm.”

There used to be an Obama magnet back there, but Dear Brother George took it to put on his van.  (Sure he did…)

You can learn several things about us if you read these:  We probably have a daughter.  We believe in local/sustainable agriculture.  The van doesn’t get washed very often.  (As evidenced by the circle of cleanliness where the Obama magnet used to be.)

Some of the magnets/stickers I’ve seen of late include, “Civil Marriage is a Civil Right.”  “Warning!  Unsocialized Homeschoolers on Board.” and, one I just saw today which made me smile, though it doesn’t apply to our family:  “Mothers Of Little Boys Work From Son Up to Son Down.”

So, what’s your butt say about you?


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