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Into the City with Dad November 23, 2009

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With Buds headed to the Atlanta office on Sunday for a couple days, we both made a priority of him getting lots of kid time, and me getting some alone time, before he left.  With that in mind, he and the three kids headed into D.C.  Various venues were tossed around, but it finally came back to Dinosaurs and Gems. (Doesn’t it always?!)

They headed out around 10:40 a.m., and I headed over to our new garden plot to get the lay of the land.

When we finally all met at home around 3:00 in the afternoon, kids and parents were all tired and happy.

Although there aren’t pictures, here are some of the lessons I gleaned from talking to all involved about their day:

1)  Buds has a much more laid-back approach to…well…everything.  The kids handle things better with Chris, I think.  Or, at least it feels easier to him when they get overwhelmed.  I spend so much time focused on ensuring that nothing is forgotten that could potentially lead to a meltdown, that I sometimes end up just staying home because it feels like so much work just to prepare.

I packed a backpack of snacks for them to take, but if I hadn’t, it would have been okay.  Buds would have gotten food for them somehow.  Plus, the kids are older and can handle so much more than they used to be able to.  A fact I forget sometimes.

2)  Buds just doesn’t generally feel rushed.  I ALWAYS feel rushed, and it is always of my own doing.  When they got done with their adventure in the city, they headed back to this side of the Potomac, and decided to stop for gelato before they came home.  That would not occur to me.  For reasons of economy, time, calories, whatever, that would feel too indulgent to me.  And for the kids, it was a perfect ending to a really lovely day.

Please don’t think this post is a plea for someone to reassure me that I’m a good mom, despite being different from Buds.  I’m very comfortable with my Momminess.  I’m a great Mom.  Yet, there are many reasons that I am grateful to be raising these amazing children with this amazing partner.  He is a fantastic Dad, and…he is fantastic in ways that are very different from me.

What a blessing for all of us.


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