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Letting Them Be Who They Are November 19, 2009

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I was just struck by a bolt of lightning.

While folding clothes, I was thinking about a conversation I had with Zoe’s Brownie Leader on the camp out this weekend.  Ann Marie has kindly passed on several dresses her daughters are through with to Zoe.  Zoe is a dress girl.  Truly, she wears a dress or a skort or a skirt every…single…day.  This last “dress-giving” from AM included a beautiful pink, silk gown.  Monkey has loved wearing it.  Lucia has loved wearing it.  Yessa has even tried it on a time or two.

I was telling AM how much the girls have enjoyed that dress, and she told me of its origins, and that it had been through a girl or two already.  I suspect it will never be passed out of our house to anyone else because it will have been loved to death well before Yessa has outgrown it.

And standing there, folding clothes, it hit me.  Beautiful clothing.  Lovely clothing that feels lovely and looks lovely brings Zoe great joy.  Truly, they fill her with joy and excitement and thankfulness.  It’s why she was compelled to put on the beautiful polka-dotted dress that Aunt Andrea and Uncle Zach gave her for her birthday as soon as she opened it.  And to wear it for the next three days.  It’s why the flower girl dress she wore as a two year-old in Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Jim’s wedding was her favorite thing to wear until she could no longer breath after it was zipped.  It’s why pinks and swirls and swooshes call out to her.

I don’t understand it.  I have many loves, and clothing doesn’t come in the top 100.

Who cares…

What a joy that our child has found one of her joys so young in life.  If only all people were so blessed.


3 Responses to “Letting Them Be Who They Are”

  1. Grandma Iowa Says:

    What a princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gina Says:

    Many people probably know what pursuits and interests bring them joy, but don’t have the freedom or time to follow their passions. Or their interests are dismissed as trivial, wrong, stupid, etc. Or they are ‘encouraged’ to follow a certain path and don’t want to let the encourager down by speaking up about what they would rather do with their time/lives.

    What a joy that you allow and encourage your children to be who they are. If only all people were so blessed.

    • mommie2zs Says:

      Ahh, Gina. There’s always that balance as a parent, and simply as a human. Feeling like you know someone well enough to encourage them, but continuing to allow them the freedom to change or disagree.

      But in many ways, little girl clothing is an easy one. What if she loves tattoos one day? Or Zachary decides his true calling is to wear dresses? I hope I’ll have the mental balance to be accepting and supportive when it strays outside the expecteds from society.

      Which brings the next question: Where is the line as a parent? Do I have any “non-acceptables?” Hmmmm…

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