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Throwback to the 70’s November 3, 2009

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Our beloved neighbors–Jenny and Lucia–invited the children for a tea party yesterday.  Lucia didn’t have school, so the kids were thrilled to have extra time together.

Before the tea party, Monkey decided that a few presents had to be readied for our hosts.  She quickly crafted a pot pad holder on her loom as a gift for Ms. Jenny, then she organized Team Small Fry out front, and I was instructed to come out and take pictures.

Each child is wearing three items of clothing crafted by a family member:  The beautiful fall sweater and strawberry hat were gifts to Yessa from Grandma Vermont.  The pink and purple scarf was knit for Monkey by Aunt Liz.

Is that a yarmulke?Notice the two dogs.IMG_0415

Lucia and Jenny were tickled with the suprises, and Yessa was thrilled to get to practice blowing out the candle for her birthday next weekend.  Jenny had a birthday plate and a candle all set for her, and we sang Happy Birthday.

Photo taken by Jenny Rulli

This lovely photograph taken by the amazing Jenny Rulli!  Thank you, sweet friend.


A good time had by all.


One Response to “Throwback to the 70’s”

  1. Gina Says:

    This is adorable. And I love the dogs at the door.

    Can N really be 3 already? What a week it was.

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