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The Young and The Wrestlers October 30, 2009

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As Yessa draws nearer to her third birthday, it is great fun to watch she and the Buster play more and more together.  Just in the last two months, Yessa has started playing alone and creating stories, and talking through those stories out loud, which, in turn, has made her a more interesting playmate for the Buster.  He’s got to have someone who will be able to craft the story with him.  In addition, it’s rather novel for him to be able to tell someone what to do, since he is very used to being “guided” during his play with Monkey.

Today they were very engaged in wrestling and giggling and playing chase for awhile.  Then, they switched over to making Megaboys out of legos, and acting out scenes with those.  At least once I know their megaboys had fallen into hot lava, but they managed to escape.  They also had to fight off a bionicle, the one with a spinning blade hand, so that was quite a battle.

Good times, good times…


The Dynamic Duo



One Response to “The Young and The Wrestlers”

  1. Gina Says:

    Don’t you just love the sound of the kids playing together? I would be so sad if my kids spent all day away from each other (and me!)

    Cute, cute picture 😀

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