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Pixie Magic October 30, 2009

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Monkey is often creating stories and plays and magical plans in her head, and today we at down together and typed up one of the plays.


Title:  Pixie Magic
By:  Zoe Gemignani


Princes’ Parents:                                     Pixies’ Parents
Dramadessa:  Queen Mother                    Little Feather:  Mother
Dramaderra:  King Father                        Little Wing:  Father

Children: Flora
East                                                           Carol
West                                                          Connie
North                                                         Keena

Princes’ Stepbrother:                                Pixie’s Stepsister:
Dramadessent                                           Pollakneeuh

Children of the Wedding:

Scene 1:  A moonlit picture in the Spring

The Princes are out for a moonlight walk.  Suddenly they fall.  Then they rise to see four beautiful girls.  One has the beauty of three kittens.  Another has the beauty of four birds.  The third has the beauty of little squirrels.  The fourth has the beauty of a swan.  (The fourth is Flora.)

And the beautiful girls arise to see four handsome men.  One is so handsome he’s like a dream.  Another is so handsome it is hard to be seen.  Another, the third, looks like four horses adrift on a lake.  Last but not least, the fourth looked like two graceful swans afloat on a lake. (The fourth is East.)

Scene 2:  The battle against Dramaderra and Dramadessa and Dramadessent


The battle rages on.  The first person is out:  Dramaderra.  Bam, bang, crash, Dramadessa is out.  BIf, bam, crash, a piece of glass falls on Dramadessent.  He is injured.  But suddenly, Pollakneeuh rushes forward.

Scene 3:  A beautiful wedding


As each sister prepares for her groom, Flora and Pollakneeuh say, “We can hardly wait.”

Meanwhile, in the other dressing room, the grooms East and Dramadessent say,

“We can hardly wait.”

Suddenly, a bell rings.  It is time for the wedding.  The men are all ready, and so are the women.  They rush, but suddenly, Pollakneeuh stumbles.  She falls, but Dramadessent sees and helps her back up.

They rush to the wedding.

Diiiiiiing, doooooong, diiiiiiiing, dooooooong.

Then, soon after, two of them said,
“We think we are going to have babies.”

And suddenly one had a baby.  And then the other.

The second had a boy.  The first had a girl.  The girl was named Agnos, and the boy, Con.

The End

Soon to make another title of the next book series:  The First Year and the Last, by Zoe Gemignani.
Illustrated by Zoe Gemignani



She dictated it, and I typed it up exactly as she said.  It was incredibly difficult to not laugh, or even smile, at some
of the lines she created.  I wouldn’t have laughed for the world, though, because she was deadly serious, and very
interested in putting it all together.
The thing that intrigues me so much is that though the overall story isn’t complete as far as plot goes, she has created
some lovely ideas, and goodness knows she has always had a way with names.
For those of you that don’t remember, or might not know, when Zoe was two, she created a spouse for herself named
Nimnafin.  He was a purple crayon, that we still have.  When we went on trips, Nimnafin had to go with us.
Where will her imagination lead us next?

One Response to “Pixie Magic”

  1. Gina Says:

    Oh, the innocence! But also the complexity of feeling… I could hear Z’s voice in my head, telling me the story.

    Loved it.

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