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A “Typical” Week October 25, 2009

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Though people might not actually care, I tend to imagine that people wonder what we do with our time, so I thought I’d post our schedule for a pretty typical week.  These are the things we do outside of our home.

Monday: Monkey has piano lessons.  From October through February, I generally have a meeting with Christine, my co-chair for the UUCF Auction.

Tuesday:  We have playgroup at church.  Monkey has Odyssey of the Mind.  We eat lunch at Costco, then zip over to Monkey’s  swimming lesson.  Depending on the week, I have a meeting at church.

Wednesday:  Spanish Class, then, in the afternoon, depending on the week, we have Girl Scouts or we sing at a nursing home.

Thursday:  Monkey has swimming lessons.

Friday:  I have a meeting with my boss about the HR happenings at Juice, and the homeschool group we love has a park day, but we seldom make it to that.

In a typical week there will also be several hours of playing with Lucia, a couple play dates with various beloved friends, Buds is working all day, I try to have at least two nights a week where I go out with a friend or work in the home office, and finally, we arrive at the weekend.  We love Fridays because we know Buds will be arriving home and we get to spend the next two days with him.  We all love that.

At home the kids spend time playing legos, playing on the Wii, playing on the computer, studying on the computer, reading with me, looking at books on their own, watching me do laundry or clean, watching or helping with cooking, and making up and acting out stories.  Really an amazing variety of things, and the days just fly by.

What do I hope we all gain from this, these weeks of lots of activities, and then long stretches of time at home together:  I hope the children keep their love of learning, and their love of our family.  Simple wishes, but so powerful, and worth all the time we have to give.


2 Responses to “A “Typical” Week”

  1. Gina Says:

    How do you like your boss? 😉

  2. mommie2zs Says:

    He’s a total pain in the keister. Just kidding. He’s a great brother-in-law, and a fantastic boss. 😉

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